Grants for SMEs

Qualifying criteria

A UK SME is an undertaking that meets one or both of the conditions below

  • less than 250 employees

  • annual turnover less than£44,845,000 and annual balance sheet total less than £38,566,700

Available grants

Grants may be available from various sources but usually for limited periods. Grants can be towards the cost of energy efficiency upgrades, renewable energy systems or the purchase of an electric vehicle.

The Carbon Trust Green Business deal is not currently accepting new applications -


Grants of between 1/3 and 50% of the cost of a project can be obtained from Low Carbon Workspaces -  

Call us on 01442 873439 to find out what grants your company might currently be able to apply for. We will guide you through the application process.

We work with SMEs to install a range of energy efficiency measures using any available grants to keep costs to a minimum.


We specialise in the design, installation and commissioning of ultra-efficient LED lighting systems that can reduce energy consumption by over 50% with a payback of less than three years.

We can supply and install radiant heating systems appropriate to workshops and similar spaces.

We also supply and install destratification fans that can improve comfort levels.

Call us on 01442 873439 for guidance on available grants and a quote 

Colin Lillicrap Associates Ltd

Energy Consultants
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