Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme

The Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) places a mandatory requirement for 'large' organisations to carry out an energy audit and report to the Environmental Agency on a four year cycle. The current phase runs from 6 December 2015 to 5 December 2019.

Is your company ready to meet the 5 December deadline

There are many similarities between ESOS and SECR. more


Our Lead ESOS Assessors are currently carrying out the second ESOS audit for the organisations we surveyed in phase one. We have worked with them to implement improvement measures and can now report on the energy and cost savings in our phase two reports.

We verify the total energy consumption for buildings, transport and process drawing on 30 years experience of industrial processes and energy use in buildings to produce an energy profile. From this we identify where energy is being used and make recommendations for improvements. We provide cost estimates with simple payback or Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) and Net Present Value (NPV).

The reference year for your next audit must include 31 December 2018.  We are ready to advise on what data needs to be recorded and to guide your organisation through the audit 


If considering ISO 50001 as the route to compliance for the first time urgent action is required as it can take over a year to become certified.

Lighting upgrades


Since the completion of phase one we have improved the lighting for many of our clients who have all been very pleased with the result. Replacing old lighting technology with good quality LEDs can reduce electricity consumption by over 50% while the much longer life of LEDs greatly reduces maintenance costs. Simple payback is under three years and there is a large Net Present Value over the life of the lamps.

SMEs are eligible for grants of up to 48% of the value of the project but the grants will only be available for a short period - contact us for details.


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