Comprehensive Energy Management services to help your business reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We offer personalised consultancies to navigate the complexities of government legislation aimed at reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

The coronavirus lockdown provides and opportunity to catch up with the latest legislation governing GHG emissions and energy use. During this period we can work remotely with your business to help you reduce energy cost while complying with all the regulations. As companies come out of lockdown we are working with our associate company, Energy At Work,, to advise on and coordinate the re-purposing of buildings to match the new working environment.


Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG)

We already work with a diverse range of large businesses to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. As the UK moves towards being carbon neutral by 2050 all businesses large and small will need to respond to climate change and the inevitable government legislation by developing long term strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. more

For SMEs  grants of up to 50% may be available more

Energy Audits

To manage energy costs and control GHG emissions business need to know how much energy they use and where it is used. We cary out comprehensive audits of all energy uses and prduce energy profiles and  a list of energy saving opportunities. more

Streamline Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR): From 1 April 2019 large companies are required to report on their total energy consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) annually.There are many similarities with the Energy Audits required for ESOS and we can help your business set up an efficient reporting system. more

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) for commercially rented properties came into force on 1st April 2018. 

Landlords owning buildings with a current EPC rating of F or G need to take action well before a lease runs out

Our consultancy package to improve your building to comply with the regulations includes:

  • Calculation of optimised EPC rating more

  • Lodgement of a new EPC on construction for new buildings.  more

Commercial EPCs

We combine our experience of comprehensive ESOS audits with the more accurate modelling possible with dynamic simulation software to optimize the EPC ratings using detailed input data from the energy audits. more

Part L Compliance

We are CIBSE registered Low Carbon Consultants with many years’ experience of working with design teams to design highly efficient buildings that meet and surpass the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations. more


We have completed phase 2 ESOS audits and are now setting up SECR reporting systems for future financial years  more

Energy Management to ISO 50001

We offer guidance on setting up Energy Management

systems to ISO 50001.  If considering ISO 50001 as route to complying with ESOS companies need to act urgently to meet 5 December 2019 deadline    more

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